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The Emotional Counselling Department

The Emotional Counselling Department

Dr Carol Ashong joined SOS-HGIC as the Head of the Emotional Counselling Department (ECD) and the PSE lead in August 2016. Dr Ashong brings a focus to students’ self-identity through programs designed to help students develop, strengthen and be confident in their individual identity as they balance it with their collective identity in SOS-HGIC.

Dr Ashong will continue building students’ time and stress management skills through time and stress management clinics as well as develop a school mentorship program that will serve to provide an additional layer of support for students. Her work is supported by Karis Adzosi, who assists in various capacities. 

Karis Emefa Senanu – Adzosii is the Assistant Emotional & Career – Guidance Counsellor. I graduated from HGIC in the class of 2001! She excited to be back contributing to students’ success stories.

After HGIC she studies Economics and French at Agnes Scott College; a small Liberal Arts Women’s College in Atlanta, Georgia. Recently completing an MPhil in Guidance & Counseling Psychology at the Methodist University, Ghana, before she joined HGIC. 

Karin grew up in different African countries including Kenya, Swaziland and Togo hence loves interacting with people from different cultures. Aside from work in counseling she passionate about Christian media; especially, print, radio and television, loves capacity building for young people; so  actively seek opportunities for personal and professional youth development. 

Please come by and say hello during her working hours on Wednesdays, Thursdays or Fridays.