Dear Friends,

I hope our website provides an effective window into the life of SOS-Hermann Gmeiner International College (SOS-HGIC). Through this medium, we would like to communicate who we are and what we do to prospective parents and all who wish to learn about our school.

Mr.-Ofei-Welcome_webSOS-HGIC provides a holistic and transformational education. The outcome of the education we provide tells the full story and serves as good evidence of its effectiveness. The foundations of the education process in SOS-HGIC is provided by the school's motto: "Knowledge in the Service of Africa" and guides the acquisition of knowledge and the necessary skills to be good enquirers, risk takers, and team players who communicate effectively and who generate innovative ideas and solutions to the plethora of challenges confronting our continent today. The knowledge gained by learners in school is put to use in the community, through our Creativity Action Service programme, while new knowledge is acquired in the process. Students put a lot of thinking into planning and executing their actions which develops in them critical thinking and problem solving skills useful in their future lives. In all their actions, they are guided by the principles of fairness, consider each action carefully and are always mindful of its consequences.

For most of the young people who come to us, SOS-HGIC is the first home away from home. Separated from parents, siblings and familiar faces, they start with a lot of trepidation; whether they are 4,000 km away from Harare, Zimbabwe, or only 25 km from Accra, Ghana, all is new in this far away place and one week between visits by parents or a whole year before returning to one's country seems like an eon. Therefore, students get homesick, being away from friends left in previous schools, mummy's food, "chill" time, flexible lifestyles etc. Soon, however, they settle into the rhythm of life at SOS-­HGIC.

Aided by hostel mates, classmates, seniors, hostel tutors and teachers, they integrate into our community through the various school activities: Orientation (In-house and Outdoor), the walk to school, Creativity Action Service (CAS), Sports (Inter Hostel Soccer League (ISL), Athletics, Swimming, Volley Ball and Basket Ball Competitions), Club Meetings, Entertainment, "Jobbing" for Inspection, rehearsals for various school events, Inter Hostel Singing Competition, National Day Celebrations and the list goes on.

Overtime, students get to know new roommates on a personal level, imbibe the Hostel Spirit, and experience what it means to be a Spartan, Viking, Trojan or Titan. Through these activities, they forge relationships outside the classroom and create experiences that stand out in their lives beyond SOS-­HGIC. We cherish our extra-curricular programmes as they are central to the SOS-HGIC experience and serve to build our community spirit, reinforcing our ethos, ideals and who we are in the minds of all our students.

Through our various activities, we recognize and appreciate our multicultural diversity, and are proud to be part of a community that celebrates that miscellany as well as the common things that bind us together as a unique school. Students appreciate the opportunities they have for being at SOS-HGIC and are always ready to give something back to society. Thus, with a true sense of compassion, they sit together and plan interventions for communities that are underprivileged, always ready to live up to the school's motto: "Knowledge in the Service of Africa".

Life at SOS-HGIC is truly unique and is continually enriched by a vibrant and talented student body and supported by experienced and caring teachers. Like all SOS homes and facilities, SOS-HGIC is a loving and nurturing home for all our students. It is a place where they feel at home and build lasting memories and a place to which they can always return.

Welcome to SOS-HGIC