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TITANS (Mano, Sassandra, Turkana, Cavally)

House Tutors – Anita Boakyewah & Lawrence Badoe

Mano/Sassandra Hostels

These two hostels are named after the Mano and Sassandra Rivers in West Africa, and currently accommodates 46 boys. The Sassandra river is formed by the confluence of the Tienba River, which originates in the highlands of northwestern Côte d'Ivoire, and the Gouan River which originates to the west in the highlands of Guinea. The Sassandra flows south-southeast to empty into the Gulf of Guinea in the Atlantic Ocean.

The Mano River originates from the Guinea Highlands in Liberia and forms part of the Liberia – Sierra Leone border.

The districts through which the river flows include the Parrot's Beak area of Guinea, Liberia's Lofa County and the Kono and Kailahun District of Sierra Leone. Diamond mining is a major industry in these areas.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mano_River and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sassandra_River

Turkana/Cavally Hostels

Lake Turkana, formerly known as Lake Rudolf, is in the Kenyan Rift Valley, with its far northern end crossing into Ethiopia. It is the world's largest permanent desert and alkaline lake. By volume, it is the world's fourth-largest salt lake and among all lakes it ranks 24th. The water is potable, but not palatable. It supports a rich lacustrine wildlife.

The Cavally River in West Africa runs from north of Mount Nimba in Guinea, through Côte d'Ivoire, to Zwedru in Liberia, and back to the border with Côte d'Ivoire. It ends in the Gulf of Guinea 21 km east of Harper, Liberia. It forms the southern two-thirds of the international boundary between Liberia and Côte d'Ivoire. It has a length of 515 kilometres (320 mi), and is the longest river in Liberia. The name is derived from the cavalla horse mackerel found at its mouth.


What they have to say about themselves

Titans are a family. We are noble, cool and calm, and lovable. We have the most musically inclined personalities and Computer Science gurus.

Nationalities Currently Represented

Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya, Swaziland, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Rwanda