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RISE Competition







The 2017 RISE competition was a very daunting one, which apart from exponentially increasing our programming and development skills, had a great impact on our values of sportsmanship. This was especially true for our very own David Acquaah, as he was a completely new addition to the Probotics Club, with absolutely no previous experience in programming. He quickly the developed programming, and organizational skills which enabled him to provide important contributions towards our goal of winning the RISE competition.

There were naturally, easy and more challenging parts of this competition, the simple bit was the rush of excitement that came with starting the tasks themselves and the exhilarating feeling of accomplishment when we finally completed one. This however was greatly contended by the fact that our robot seemed to develop a mind of its own sometimes! This started to be the case significantly, the night before the actual competition, much to our horror!

However, during this sleepless night, as has been the case in other crises, members of the team bonded more than ever, for all had a common goal in mind: if we finish this before five in the morning maybe we can actually catch some zzz. All in all, it was worth it for a passion we all share: a passion for computers. 

By: Kachi Addo-Noble