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Georgetown Qatar Model United Nations Conference

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The privilege to attend the Georgetown Model United Nations (GMUN) Conference in Doha,
Qatar, between February 18th and 26th is almost impossible to encapsulate in a few words. Students
from the HGIC MUN Club were accompanied by their patron Joyce Dzide-Tei for this trip, during
which they participated in the conference, and of course, explored pieces of Doha that they could,
given the restriction of time.
The GMUN is in its 13th year, and it has continued to provide an opportunity for students to engage
in discourse on current global issues in a stimulating and fun ways. Some of the past themes have
been Arab Awakening, Sustainability and even A World in Turmoil. This year, the conference was
coined “Redefining the Role of the Individual in the Information Revolution.”

Being the only school fro Ghana attending the conference, our students were pleased to be
part of the interesting sessions that spanned over four days. This year’s delagation consited

of Obuo Ofori- Atta who represented Lithuania, Dugbaki Teye, for Hungary, Joy Blankson-
Hemans who was representing Isreal, Esther Asafo-Boakye, Columbia, Victoria Ayitey-
Smith, Italy and Marily Cobblah for Sierra-Leone. The keynote of which was given byy

Clayton Swisher, a Doha-based investigative journalist for Al-Jazeera Media Network.

Committee sessions began immediately after the opening ceremony. Delegates were
exceedingly knowledgable about their tpscs and about the countries they were representing,
including reciting specific sections of their countires constitutions that were relevant for the
points they put forth.
A cultural night was held to allow the participating schools to showcase their country’s
tradition and culture. Throughout the evening, delegates interacted with peers within their
committees and others they had not yet worked with. Some schools participated in a
cultural bazaar where they displayed food, souvenirs and other items that properly gave
some insight on their culture. The evening was culminated by a variety show where students
performed songs, dances and skits.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our parents, the school management and
our patrons, as well as to everyone who contributed to making this trip such a raving

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