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Inter-Hostel Singing Competition 2018

This year, the Titans were crowned the champions of the SOS-HGIC Annual Inter-Hostel Singing Competition. This year was not devoid of the usual pomp, pageantry and spots of drama that this school tradition has come to be characterized by. Find below the perspective of an MYP4:

I remember my first time in the lecture room where my sporting group, the Trojans had choir rehearsals and how I felt about coming to choir for the next month and staying up late. I was thinking of how I could balance my work, clubs and extra-curricular activities and still get enough rest for the next day. One of the IB2s in the Trojan hostel told us that we were going to get stretched to the point where we might not be able to take it any longer. As weirdly fearsome as this sounded, I was sure he was exaggerating.

Our first choir rehearsal was just a bonding exercise so we could get to know each other. The bonding exercise gave me the perception that choir would be a fun engaging experience whereby we all just sing and go. I remember seeing my sister a few years back singing in the choir and I always wanted to join because of how beautiful they sounded.

The choir meetings that followed began to unravel how useful 15 minutes of prep was and how an hour of sleep could change your mood the next day. I was beginning to get tired of choir and I made my intentions clear; come for 2 weeks and then ditch the choir. I felt that it was not as important as swimming especially since the Trojans had won for the past 14 years, last year included. The level of importance was definitely incomparable to me.

When we sang in front of the boys common room, I remember listening to one of the sporting groups and how beautiful they sounded made me very skeptical about how we sounded. I was certain that choir was useless because despite how much we practiced we still didn’t sound great in comparison to any of the other groups. I was giving up as I had uncompleted assignments due the next day. I was truly not seeing any good result yielding from the life sacrifices I was making. I started purposefully coming to choir late so the choir heads will get tired and sack me from the choir, but that didn’t work.

Two weeks had gone by and we were improving slowly, but we still sounded worse than other hostel groups and my friends were making fun of how we will come in last place. I was getting discouraged until one faithful day, a week and a half before the singing competition, our choir head, Anna told us of how we are not putting in energy despite all the practice hours we had under our belts. I felt like I wasn’t being fair for not taking it seriously so I realized I needed to change my attitude.

It was 4 days before the singing competition and the IB2s came to listen to us. We did not sound good and plus we were not putting in enough energy, I was very worried because it t 4 days did not seem like long enough time to drastically turn things around in the way that we needed to. In the Margaret Nkrumah Hall, we flopped the processional many times and I was getting frustrated by how difficult this thing had become. It started out so much fun with bonding! That was when I realized how deep choir had become to me.

The next day, the choir heads and Trojan IB2s rounded us up and put some sense into our heads. Over the next few days we started projecting, rounding our voices and trying to sound as one. In addition we were also engaged in ‘Jama’ to give us the energy to sing well.

Before I knew, it was the day of the singing competition. We had our last rehearsals and I never thought 2 days could make such a difference. I was confident of victory and I could not wait to prove all the people who said we will come last wrong.

A few hours later, it was 6:00 pm and we were already in the college and that was when the pressure got to me.

At 7:00 p.m., The Vikings went up first and sang their compulsory song and then we went up. I smiled with all my might till my lips shaking a lot, were about to fall off my face! What a spectacle that would have been. I also recall being as still as a statue looking at the conductor. I remember singing my heart out because I knew that this was the day we were all waiting for and I could not have sacrificed my sleep, prep time, and swimming just to come in 4th place. However, with every song we sang we sounded worse than the other sporting groups to my ears.

By the time we were done, I was so discouraged, and the hope of victory was completely dashed because my friend had convinced me that lucky could gift us 3rd place. The waiting period was one of the most excruciatingly tense moments of my life. A close second, only to when I wrote the entrance exam. While I was losing all hope, the results were finally coming out and then they announced our positions for each category- which the Titans came in first for all of them.

Our 2nd place earned at the end of the day was not terrible, I was happy. I thought we were coming 3rd or 4th but we came 2nd and I was proud that I was a part of it. I began to reflect on the times I didn’t want to go for choir to the times I thought we will never get that far. Within 2 days we were able to sound a 100 times better and that was when I really believed in the saying; ‘Hard work always pays off.’

Even though we didn’t come in 1st, I still learnt the importance of teamwork. I learnt that dedication and commitment is important in everything we do and we must take everything we are doing seriously. Ever since singing competition I have made being a Trojan part of me. I will never forget who I am for I am a yellow crocodile.

Hamaadi Braimah