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Each year, students eagerly await National Day not merely because of the sumptuous meals served, but due to the priceless display of cultures from the four corners of the African continent. The following countries; Ethiopia, Jamaica, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and host country, Ghana took their turn in the second National Day in the academic year 2017.

As with every grand event, National day entailed extensive planning and preparations spearheaded by the students; rehearsals were recurrent, costumes were mobilized and recipes were catalogued, all towards this day. Due to Ghana’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations, there was an untamable drive in all involved to leave an indelible mark on all who attended the event.

To start the event off, there was a reverent procession by the countries mentioned above, clad in rich national attires. As people dug into the mouth-watering dishes, there was a display of dance and music with Abel Sibanda especially leaving mouths gaped in shock as he effortlessly danced Eskista, an Ethiopian dance involving very skilled shoulder movements. The Zimbabweans then gave us a taste of the Southern African culture as they enacted an intriguing skit and energetic dance. Shortly after, the Tanzanians calmed the atmosphere with a slow but striking dance which emphasized the need for Africans to embrace their culture.

Surely, it was not solely dancing we witnessed as we were serenaded by the soothing voices from the land of Sierra Leone. The people of Jamaica were also not left out as their enunciations and crescendos made it a magical journey for the audience who were amazed by the beautiful Jamaican vibe!

Finally, Ghana showed up and showed out with dances from the Northern, Greater Accra, Volta and Central Regions! The audience could not stay in their seats as the dancers exuded so much energy and passion. To cap it all, they spontaneously pulled Mr Ofei, Mr Akita, Mrs Melomey, Madame Quarcoo, and Mr Domey as they boogied on the dance floor. It was truly a sight to behold!

 After all the celebrant nations had performed, Mr Israel Titi-Ofei thanked all staff and students for making the event worthwhile and congratulated students who had partaken in the planning process.

Everything about the event was truly magnificent. Ranging from the stunning layout of the event grounds to the aroma that wafted from the various foods, we were entreated to a splendid national day indeed!

Written by:

Nene Atiapa Morgan-Asiedu and Nadia Baye

ISSAG Basketball and Hockey Competition

SOS-HGIC athletes have done it again! The school’s basketball and hockey teams displayed true mettle when they journeyed to Ghana International School last Saturday, February 25, 2017 to compete in the ISSAG Basketball & Hockey Competition. This day was an Exeat day; however, students were willing to sacrifice part of it to win honours for the school and they must be commended. Nine schools participated in this competition. They are: Ghana International School, SOS-Hermann Gmeiner International College, Alpha Beta Christian College, Morgan International Community School, The Roman Ridge School, East Airport International School, Akosombo International School (AIS), Ghana Christian International High School  (GCIHS)and Tema International School (TIS).

girls hockeyAt the end of the hockey competition, SOS-HGIC girls emerged as the champions. This is the fourth year in a row we have emerged as ISSAG girls’ hockey champions; however, it was a sad case for their male counterparts, as they were not able to defend the trophy they had won for the past three years. Even though he boys’ hockey team won all their matches, Akosombo International School boys’ hockey team were declared the champions because they had more goals on aggregate than us. It was an all play all (round robin) tournament. Ghana International School were third in both the girls and boys hockey competitions. Rumbidzai Moyo was the top scorer with 5 goals and she was also adjudged the best female hockey player.

For basketball, the boys’ team finally made it to the top after two unsuccessful campaigns. After losing to Akosombo International School, at the finals two years in a row, the boys were very determined to reverse the trend. At the end of the group stages on the day, three top teams qualified to play a round robin, and SOS-HGIC boys were part of the teams that qualified. The other two were Akosombo International School and Alpha Beta Christian College. There was an interesting development in our game with Akosombo International School. boys basketballThe match ended 12-12 and so we were waiting to go into extra time when the officials informed us that there was a mistake with the counting and so the score should have been 12-11 in favour of Akosombo International School. In fact, it took the maturity and intervention of the adults who went with the students to calm down tempers. It is worthy to note that the students listened to their leaders and allowed the competition to run. This meant that we could only win the whole competition if Alpha Beta Christian College beat Akosombo International School and we are able to beat Alpha Beta Christian College convincingly. I personally told the students that nothing is difficult for God since we know we were genuinely not treated well in the match with Akosombo International School. Fortunately, in the 2nd match Alpha Beta Christian College beat Akosombo International 14-11 and so we had the herculean task of beating Alpha Beta Christian College by more than three baskets (points) difference to become the champions. At the end of the match SOS-HGIC boys beat Alpha Beta Christian College 20-15 (five point difference) to be crowned the ISSAG BOYS CHAMPIONS for the 2016/2017 academic year. This is indeed a great feat because SOS-HGIC boys have not won the ISSAG boys trophy in over seven years. Omar Zintan Mwinila-Youri was adjudged the Most Valuable Player (MVP) for the tournament.

It was however, a disappointing experience for the girls’ basketball team. Unable to defend the trophy they won last year, the girls were eliminated at the qualification stage. Nothing seemed to have worked for them that day - they missed a lot of their free throws and lay-ups. But we believe the will surely bounce back.

Congratulations to the vibrant sportsmen and women who gave up their time and energy to train and win these laurels for us.

The sports department is extremely grateful to the Senior Management Team, the Business Manager, the Secretary to the Principal, the kitchen staff and the drivers.  Special thanks to Ms. Mandy Ndoro and Mr. Lawrence Badoe for the precious time they spent training the female and male basketball teams.

Once again, thank you to everyone who has been a part of this success.

Michael Oduro

(On behalf of the Physical Education & Sports Department)

Orator of the Year 2017

o1How many have the courage to speak in front of a huge crowd? Not just speak, but confidently articulate one’s thoughts to convey a message that will stay with and most importantly, inspire an audience. Not to mention, the audience is one of the toughest you can encounter, consisting of English scholars waiting to strike at the slightest grammatical error, self-proclaimed philosophers ever ready to rebut any of your ideas and ordinary high school students who will find any reason to make fun of you. Dare I say, not many of us can.

However, eighteen of HGICs boldest overcame the fears that cripple the vast majority of us and they accomplished ao2 Herculean feat; they participated in our annual public speaking competition. Writing their 3 minute speeches – challenging as that was in itself, paled in comparison to the next part of the competition which was to present it to the entire school body.

One would have expected the amateur competitors to be quaking in their boots and fumbling over words, but on the contrary they performed beyond all expectations. Their speeches in a word were captivating. They held our attention not only through the humour they injected into their speeches, but also through gestures that brought the speeches to life.

Of course, like in every other competition a winner emerged. Although all participants were duly rewarded with certificates of participation, the top 3 who were, Nicole Brakohiapa (1st Place), Michael Mugisha (2nd Place) and Kachi Addo-Noble (3rd Place), were presented with mouth-watering cash prizes ranging from GHS200 to GHS500!

I couldn't have thought of a better way to spend the afternoon. You can always sign up next year and take your place in the spotlight - unless you're in IB2, in that case it would be too late. That notwithstanding, it's never too late to build your skill as an orator through actively partaking in any experience which has benefits similar to those of this competition.

Claudette Wilson, IG2

2017 SOS-HGIC Band in Concert


The event began at 7:15 at the forecourt of the college, which was jam-packed with parents, performers invitedbc3 guests, staff, students. June Merye QUAGRAINE and Emmanuel Bimpong gave the welcome address and steered the event smoothly to its end.

The concert started with a gospel song , titled ‘Heaven have your way’, performed by Deborah Korboe. This was followed by three gospel songs performed by Maame Efua Benyi and Dinah Brocke, Funmbi Jaiyeola and Enyine Morgan – Asiedu.

Next came the Rhythm and Blues section. Angel Kankam-Boadu, Nana Aba Kufour, Monisaya Abidoye, Nasua Labi, Kachi Addo- Noble, Trish Kujeke and Jean Prime and Annabel Kubabom drew cheers and applause from the audience when they performed.

This was followed by the Reggae section where Evangeline Ocloo, Nii Duodo Addo, Denise Bonsu and Abena Danquah and Edem Dake as well as Nana Abayie Quakyie, Delalie Cofie and Gyanwa Amoah awed the audience with their amazing performances.

Next in line was the Oldies and Pop section, performed by Femi Lamptey and Princess Chapel , Nadia Baye, Nicole Brakohiapa and Kezia Baye. Melody Dodoo, Naana Kome- Mensah, Anna Affriye, Esther Yeboah Krystin Korboe and Hilda Koranteng ended the section with ‘Can’t get enough of your love’ by Barry White.

Floyd Apeagyei, Dugbaki Teye, Kofi Dawson, Yaw Boaitey, Nii Duodu, Gyanwa Amoah, Maame Akosua Ofori Takyiwaa and Femi Lamptey thrilled the audience with some African songs.

The final song of the night was performed by Jean Prime Nishimwe titled ‘Sunshine Day’ by Osibisa. Mr. Ofei ended a fantastic evening with his closing remarks. It was clear that the Band Concert was a wonderful thrilling event that music lovers will look forward to again next year. Special thanks go to Upswing Music Company for their excellent sound engineering.

For more photos, please visit the photo galleries. Band in Concert 2017

Elijah Ampofo, Music Tutor and Assistant CAS coordinator

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