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IG2 Geography Beach Survey

 Girls measuringThe IG2 Geography Class undertook a beach survey on 13th April 2017 at Sakumono beach, Tema. This exercise was designed to take students out of the four walls of the classroom and the two sides of the textbook into the environment for them to operationalize some of the key concepts learnt in the classroom. Specifically, students measured longhshore drift, constructive and destructive waves, and beach profile.

The students also interviewed residents on the likely causes of beach pollution, the value of the beach in the socio-economic life of the residents of Sakumono Village and above all, samples of pebbles were picked through systematic sampling for further work in the classroom. Forty-two students (working in groups of 6) took part in the exercise, which lasted for three hours.

Key Learning Points

The exercise enabled the students to demonstrate key geographical abilities that indicate their preparedness for the IGCSE final examination in Geography. Students were able to describe human and physical landscapes (landforms, natural vegetation and land use). They also took copious notes and made field sketches of physical and human landscapes that may be used to stimulate geographical description and annotation. Again, students carried out a group or individual set of tasks, which include collection of primary data, observation, taking photographs and recording measurements. wave

In terms of knowledge with understanding, the students were able to demonstrate good knowledge and understanding of a wide range of geographical concepts, processes and patterns in terms of coastal landforms and the complex relationship between people and the coastal environment. Besides, students also exhibited a high-level of geographical skills and analysis. Here, students were able to select and show good understanding of a wide range of relevant skills and appropriate techniques. Indeed, students analysed and interpreted geographical information and critically evaluated how the residents of Sakumono Village and Tema Community 3 have contributed to the pollution currently taking place at the waterfront.

Students individually drew conclusions from their findings and make evaluations related to the original objectives of the survey. They also have first hand experience of the limitations of some of the measurement techniques and instruments. Students also made balanced judgements and demonstrated an awareness of the different attitudes and priorities of individuals and groups that visit the beach. Thus, the problematical nature of the interaction between people and the beach environment.


The exercise gave the students a feel of taking lessons outsides the classroom. Undoubtedly, it was a successful exercise and we thank the Principal, the SMT and the support staff from the Science Department.

Dr. George Grandy-Hallow

A Spectacular Performance! - Ananse in the Land of Idiots

The SOS-HGIC drama Creativity Action Service (CAS) group held their audiences of Friday and Saturday the 21st and 22nd April 2017, spell-bound to a fantastic dramatic performance of Yaw Asare’s much acclaimed play, Ananse in the Land of Idiots.

The production which was directed by Isaac Marion Darko and Aba DeGraft-Hanson of the English department was stage-managed by the student directors, Isabella Adu and Velma Bruce-Cathline, of IB1. It ran for two nights and was replete with the full complement of a 45-strong cast, elaborate costumes, live props, a well-designed and well-constructed set, as well as live traditional music and dancing. Their outstanding performance received rave reviews from students, staff, parents and invited guests alike. Emmanuel Osei Bimpong, who was cast in the lead role of Ananse, garnered the praise and applause of the audience as he delivered his lengthy complex lines with the individuality and flair characteristic of a professional actor.


The play began with a monologue by Ananse (Bimpong) revealing his thoughts and plans to the audience before setting off for Dimyimlira, the land of Idiots. From there the play gathers the energy and pace that would lead to a thrilling climax and dramatic end, where the empire of Dimyimlira is left in crisis after Ananse through his Macchiavellian cunning and ruthlessness, absconds with the princess and the wealth of the kingdom.

The success of the production lay in its humorous witty lines and dialogue, and the fast-paced action, which did not leave any room for boredom. Audience participation and engagement was achieved by not only interspersing the action with music and dance, but also through Ananse’s monologues and call-and-response technique. Not even a brief power outage half-way through the production on the second night could mar the brilliance of the performance, and there was even one dramatic moment when Michael Torku of IG1 exhibited his acrobatic skills when he did a somersault as a prelude to a warriors’ dance, setting the scene for the wedding in which Ananse as Pootagyiri, marries the petulant, pampered Princess Soodziisa of Dimyimlira.



Again the vibrancy of the other supporting characters like Akpala (Kojo Lokko), the king (Kwasi Tweneboa and Charles Mensah), the priestess (Cecelia Atieno and Nadia Baye) the princess (Abena Otema Danquah and Naana Kome-Mensah) and her band of pretty smiling and dancing maidens, as well as the indefatigable warriors contributed to the audience’s heightened interest in the production. Indeed one member of the audience confessed to being engrossed in the action from beginning to end and was disappointed when the show ended! Congratulations to the SOS-HGIC DramaCAS group for a spectacular and riveting performance this year! The whole school community from the Senior Management Team (SMT) to our janitorial staff is highly commended for their support in countless ways to the success of this year’s production. We wait to see what next year holds in store! Drama CAS supervisors


nat day groupsm

Each year, students eagerly await National Day not merely because of the sumptuous meals served, but due to the priceless display of cultures from the four corners of the African continent. The following countries; Ethiopia, Jamaica, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and host country, Ghana took their turn in the second National Day in the academic year 2017.

As with every grand event, National day entailed extensive planning and preparations spearheaded by the students; rehearsals were recurrent, costumes were mobilized and recipes were catalogued, all towards this day. Due to Ghana’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations, there was an untamable drive in all involved to leave an indelible mark on all who attended the event.

To start the event off, there was a reverent procession by the countries mentioned above, clad in rich national attires. As people dug into the mouth-watering dishes, there was a display of dance and music with Abel Sibanda especially leaving mouths gaped in shock as he effortlessly danced Eskista, an Ethiopian dance involving very skilled shoulder movements. The Zimbabweans then gave us a taste of the Southern African culture as they enacted an intriguing skit and energetic dance. Shortly after, the Tanzanians calmed the atmosphere with a slow but striking dance which emphasized the need for Africans to embrace their culture.

Surely, it was not solely dancing we witnessed as we were serenaded by the soothing voices from the land of Sierra Leone. The people of Jamaica were also not left out as their enunciations and crescendos made it a magical journey for the audience who were amazed by the beautiful Jamaican vibe!

Finally, Ghana showed up and showed out with dances from the Northern, Greater Accra, Volta and Central Regions! The audience could not stay in their seats as the dancers exuded so much energy and passion. To cap it all, they spontaneously pulled Mr Ofei, Mr Akita, Mrs Melomey, Madame Quarcoo, and Mr Domey as they boogied on the dance floor. It was truly a sight to behold!

 After all the celebrant nations had performed, Mr Israel Titi-Ofei thanked all staff and students for making the event worthwhile and congratulated students who had partaken in the planning process.

Everything about the event was truly magnificent. Ranging from the stunning layout of the event grounds to the aroma that wafted from the various foods, we were entreated to a splendid national day indeed!

Written by:

Nene Atiapa Morgan-Asiedu and Nadia Baye

Float your Boat Competition

On the 30th of March, 2017, SOS Hermann Gmeiner International College took part in a “Float Your Boat” competition organised by Environment360 and hosted by Ghana International School. In all, four schools participated and each school presented two teams (there were eight teams in all).

Participating Schools were:

SOS Hermann Gmeiner International College

Ghana International School

Al Rayan International School

Liberty American School

float your boatThe teams and team members that represented SOSHGIC were:

Team 1: Blazers: Urick Ernest, Simbarashe Damiton, Rumbidzai Moyo, Jevon Amoah, Paul Ackah.

Team 2: Rough Riders: Mituku Tamire, Kwame Budu, Fedrick Mtamba, Mary-Ann Washington, Trevor Owusu-Afrari

 The teams with the best time for each round qualified for the next stage of the competition. At the end of the competition, a team from Al Rayan International School came first, a team from Liberty American School came second. The Blazers of SOSHGIC was third in position and the Rough Riders of SOSHGIC was fourth in position.  

It was a very interesting learning experience and we, the Patrons, (Mr. Boateng and Mrs. Essuman) would like to thank Mr. I. T. Ofei and the SMT for giving us such an opportunity.

We also thank Mr. Christian Schmelz, Mr. Abu Issah, Mr. Agyemang Gyamfi and Mr. Prince Kley for their technical support. We also thank the members of the Science and Environment Club for devoting their afternoons to building the boats.

Kwaku Boateng

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