The Spectacular 25TH Anniversary Celebration and Graduation

Submitted by: Melody, Yves, Mothobisi, Hilary

"Students, take your seats!"

"Prize winners here only, please!"

"Everyone take your places!"

A blur of blue here, a rush of white there. The screeching of tires and a 'mic test one, two’ booming from the loudspeakers. The tuning of instruments ushered in students who arrived promptly at 8:00 am. The Margaret Nkrumah Hall was buzzing, decked out in fanciful dress, with curtains dripping from her roof in magnificent royal blue and stark white. The students, gazing in awe, were herded into various corners of the auditorium in a bid to finally get ready for the grand event, the 25th Anniversary Celebration and Graduation. For 25 years, SOS-Hermann Gmeiner International College has been standing its ground, starting with a mere handful of students to a huge three hundred-plus collection of students echoing Africa’s diversity. SOS-HGIC boasts of several well-to-do graduates and many wonderful supporting families, who all turned up for the stunning event. The whole environment was awash with trepidation and excitement as we would soon be saying goodbye to friends, brothers, sisters and mentors. Students’ vibrant laughs and chatting echoed through the room as the Margaret Nkrumah Hall began to swell with visitors from all over Ghana and beyond. The cream canopies blew back and forth, lazily rocking in the whistling wind as students file into them. Glossy handouts were given to the parents and visitors to usher them into the festive atmosphere. Phones were put on silent, cameras were whipped out, recorders were at the ready and a gentle hush settled upon the crowd as the much-awaited events of the day began.

The keynote speech was given by Sir Sam Esson Jonah who touched on the topic 'Leadership in Africa'.His powerful voice rolled in waves over the crowd as he spoke. His empowering speech, urged us the educated youth to strive to better our country and our continent. In his speech, he implored us to return to our home countries and contribute to our society, building our vision of Africa and making it a better place for us and our children. His inspiring and thoughtful speech was very moving, driving us to envision higher goals and help our country with pride and grace.

 The eye-catching bit of the event was the dancing done by the students. But then, after many hours of rehearsals why shouldn't the entertainment have been so marvellous. The energy that was seen in the dancers was more than enough and by the time they were finished there was a burst of applause. The Ethiopians widened the joy of the audience with their energetic national dance, The Kenyans took over and twirled away with talent and vigour. Their colorful attire accentuating  their graceful movements enhanced by bright smiles. You probably wish you had been there. Well, the dancing definitely did not stop there as the ‘Gumboot’ dancers stole the entire audiences' attention. They called out 'Yema jita' all the way through before they began to sing and move around the stage. Their rhythm was more than accurate and precise and their agility was one to be commended on. 'Slap slap',  'Thump thump' was consistently heard as they hit their boots and clapped with enthusiasm. But where are our Ghanaians?? Well, they were dancing their hearts out to the beats of the drum and swaying their hips to the African story not forgetting the pride that they held .Without doubt, they put the icing on the cake.

When finally the MC announced, "We have come to the end of the celebration", the faces of the students lit up like Christmas trees. "All we want is the food! the food!! the food!!", they must have been thinking. The students rushed, elbowing each other to the food stands where there was a variety of food. The air was filled with the aroma of food, tender braised pork, the spicy oven grilled chicken, the savoury smoked fish along with waakye, kenkey, fried rice and of course, jollof rice. We stuffed our faces with the delicacies not thinking of the weight we would be piling on.

 'Graduation'.The good-byes. The tears. The pictures. The memories. The erudite speeches and the throwing of the graduation hats. Oh Graduation.

 As high school students, we all wish and pray for the day of graduation to come as quickly as it can. We want to run to university and explore the world and find a thousand passions along the way. For these and all IB2s, the end of the final examination brought with it a feeling of euphoria.  They were finally going to get their certificates, and when Mr.Kitching started calling out their names one by one to receive their certificates from Mrs.Nkrumah -the former principal of SOS-HGIC - they finally felt like they had made it. Of course, Mr.Ofei could not let his beloved IB2s leave without giving them some wise words so he told them that they should never fear because the school gave to them the foundation they needed for life. He also said that they should excel wherever they go and never give up, because they were the hope for Africa’s future. The guest speaker of course, also offered some advice and said that they should continue studying vigorously and develop their knowledge. They must of course never forget who they are and where they came from as they are Africa's future leaders. The graduation was a success and we pray that the IB2s make their mark wherever they go.