The Spark Health Outreach 2016


On Saturday the 16th of April 2016, the IB1 class travelled to the village of Aklamador under the banner of the SPARK Project, to give back to the community, accomplishing this through a Health Outreach.

One’s health has an influence on the quality of every other aspect of life- a child can’t learn if he or she is too sick to go to school, and parents cannot take care of their family if they are incapacitated by disease. A sad truth is that often diseases that afflict the community are the ones that could easily be prevented with only rudimentary knowledge and some preventive measures coupled with the availability of basic medication. The lack of knowledge of this situation in many communities around Ghana served as the motivation for the Outreach, enabling the IB1 class to give tangible support to the people of Aklamador.

Health Outreachsm

In addition to the health care services such as eye tests, BMI advice, blood sugar and pressure tests, the SPARK Project was blessed to have Dr. Kali and her team as well as a parent of SOS-HGIC, Dr Mrs Korboe and three medical students Amarley Amarteifio, Adwoa Clarke and Kordai Mould who happen to be alumni of the college. The two professionals gave simple but informative presentations to the people of the community on common eye diseases and heart problems. The students of the SPARK Project worked dutifully at their stands for the day, helping to administer prescribed drugs and in the process gained simple first-hand medical training. The community turnout was good, an encouraging sight to the IB1s as it showed that the members of the community value their health.

The day’s work, although tiring, felt meaningful. Many students returned to the hostels that evening grateful for the role they played in enabling the people of Aklamador to gain access to healthcare. The Health Outreach gave us all a chance to be mindful of those who belong to our communities. It is a wonderful example of the opportunities offered to students in community involvement.

The IB1 Class would like to give special acknowledgement to Dr Mrs Korboe, Dr Kali ,the alumni from the Ghana Medical School, and finally to the staff of SOS-HGIC who gave endless support to make the event possible.

Jessica Owusu-Afari, IB1, Michelle Cobblah, IB1 CAS Fundraiser Head