Orientation and Leadership Seminar for new Prefects and SRC Executives

Taking the first steps towards continuous selfdiscovery, deliberate practice, collaboration and purpose!

This was the focus of the most recent 2-day Orientation and Leadership Training Seminar for our fresh set of Prefects and Executive members of the Students Representative Council. Dubbed ‘The Courage to Lead’, the aim of the programme was to equip and inspire the student leaders so that they can work collaboratively with the school authorities, teachers and the student body to achieve the goals of the College. This time the programme took place on 11th and 12th August 2016 at the College premises. It was facilitated by Butterfly Effect, a social enterprise that ‘equips students with the knowledge and skills to positively impact their lives and communities’. The leaders of the seminar were Delight Ewuresi Gavor (an alumnus and past SRC President of the College) and Primrose Agyepong who did a fantastic job! Using a variety of strategies and interactive activities including individual reflection, small group discussions, role-play and journaling, the students explored three themes:

• Knowing Yourself (as individuals and as a team)
• Strengthening Your Team
• Achieving Impact

They also looked at time management tools, effective communication tools, empathy and a conflict management First Aid kit. The Principal and some members of the SMT also interacted with the participants. The Principal, for instance, told the students the fact that none of them had changed their minds about accepting to be student leaders showed their willingness to lead their peers. He encouraged them to see their selection as a first step in serving the school community and this should develop into the realisation of the core values of the College which are expressed in its motto: Knowledge in the service of Africa. The students got fully involved in the program and at the end of it they overwhelmingly stated that the seminar exceeded their expectations; they discovered more about themselves and had acquired tips to be used in managing conflict. The following are statements from some of the participants: ‘This has been a great learning experience and I am happy that I took part’ ‘Everything was well-planned and I feel equipped about how to relate to difficult people’ ‘The facilitators are friendly, fun, practical and have an amazing fashion sense’.

On the whole, the seminar was an exciting learning experience for the participants who are now more confident about their readiness for the leadership roles they have accepted and I can only wish them well and to assure them of the support of the management and staff of the College.

Written by Paul E. Ahiable, Director of Boarding